The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Keep Feeling Young

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We’ve always been searching for that fountain of youth. These days, we are constantly surrounded by media that promotes youth and staying young. Scientifically speaking, we’re also living longer than ever. It’s no wonder that as we live longer, we’re confronted with the task of feeling good about ourselves as the years go by. The good news is that, overall, we’re leading more health conscious lives which has helped contribute to our increased longevity. However, as we age, it’s not just physical health we need to concern ourselves with. We also have to take our happiness into consideration. That means making sure we remain confident in our bodies. While the fountain of youth would be nice, we’ll have to settle for some lifestyle choices to keep us young in spirit, at least, for now. If you’ve been wondering how you can feel energetic, healthy, and confident, as you age here are ten things you can start doing today to improve your life.


Though this list is technically designed with no particular order in mind, relaxing really is the number one thing you should be doing more of if you want to keep feeling young. Relaxation isn’t just beneficial to your emotional health, either. There are aging consequences to being constantly under stress, including a shortened lifespan and more prominent aging features in the face. Equally fascinating is the observation that regular meditation can help bring their own positive genetic changes. Want to extend your life and feel better while doing so? Give yourself daily quiet time.

Be active

While mindful silence is a great way to relax, don’t ignore the stress smashing benefits of regular physical exercise. Not everyone enjoys running. If traditional cardio workouts feel like torture, consider yoga. Yoga can be as intense as you’d like, while providing both physical and mental benefits. Believe it or not, remaining flexible (in both body and mind, but we mean your hamstrings here) actually helps hold back the hands of time.

Get good sleep

If you’re a night owl, try turning in earlier. Yes, you might have to DVR your favorite TV show, but getting yourself on a consistent schedule of sleeping 7-8 hours will reduce wrinkles, dark circles, and increase your energy.

Cosmetic surgery

What was once considered something that was exclusive to the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery is now so routine that millions of people undergo treatment every year. Everyone wants to regain their confidence. Whether it’s eyelid surgery to give a more energetic appearance, liposuction to help with your build, or fillers to give a more youthful appearance, cosmetic surgery can provide the confidence boost and motivation you need.

Stay (or fall) in love

Romance can make us feel kind of funny, right? Well those butterflies and bursts of energy are a side effect of a very real chemical change in the body that actually keeps us younger longer. The self-esteem boost that comes from being in love has proven benefits to our immune systems and cardiovascular health. These benefits aren’t necessarily exclusive to romance, either. Anything that promotes being social and outgoing can help you feel younger.

Proper nutrition

Yes, we are what we eat. Eating the right diet can promote a healthier, longer life. But feeling good while living longer is the key. Eating plenty of steamed vegetables (to ensure maximum nutrition), healthy fats (nuts, avocados), and making sure we hit our daily vitamin goals will help keep away diseases associated with aging such as diabetes and heart issues. Proper nutrition has also been documented to help balance our moods and cognitive functioning.

Drink and be merry

We’re talking about enjoying green tea here, okay? Yes, have that one glass of red wine. Studies are mixed on the benefits of alcohol, but many doctors would agree your single glass with dinner is fine. If it makes you feel happy, go for it. But it’s green tea you should be incorporating into your diet. Different studies have produced different benefits of consuming green tea including cancer fighting properties, weight management, and the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercise your mind

Variety is the spice of life. Continually challenge yourself by trying new things. Do a brain teaser a day or pick up a hobby. Your mind needs stimulation to stay young. Being in the here and now leads to mindfulness, which will give you the creative energy you need.

Take care of your skin

Beyond contacting a plastic surgeon, there are other things you can do yourself to help treat your skin right. Use sun block, skin creams with vitamin supplements, and moisturizers to combat signs of aging, as well as prevent new lines or wrinkles.

Act young

This will mean different things to different people, but having a young mindset will go a long way in kicking the effects of time to the curb. While you may not want to act the way you did when you were 21, recapturing the qualities that filled you with so many possibilities will change your life.

Tired of feeling tired? Wish you could feel confident again? There’s plenty you can do to reclaim your youth. And it can all begin today.

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