10 Things to Consider When Deciding if Plastic Surgery is for You

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How are you feeling? Really, think about it. When was the last time you actually stopped what you were doing to take a moment to consider how you’re feeling that day? Sure, the day’s stresses may be getting to you. You were late to work, traffic was terrible, your kids have all of their extracurricular activities seemingly at the same time. It’s hard to avoid those kinds of things but what you can do is ask yourself the overarching question, “Am I ready to improve the quality of my life?” Confidence and high self-esteem are crucial ingredients to our overall happiness. As we get older, our confidence can take a hit. Aging is a natural part of life. We all experience it and it’s actually a good thing! However, our bodies do change and we sometimes feel like we need to recapture something. Alternatively, we can want to change our appearance for the simple reason of wanting to look better, totally regardless of age.

No matter your reason, you’ve perhaps considered contacting a plastic surgeon to inquire about what options are available to you when it comes to improving your life. While cosmetic surgery has never been more mainstream and popular, it’s still a medical procedure that you’re deciding to undertake. Here are ten things to consider if you’ve been wondering if plastic surgery is right for you. As always, consult with your doctor before undergoing any kind of procedure.

Have you wanted to try plastic surgery for a while?

This is the first question you want to ask yourself because it’s possibly the most important one. Is this a snap decision you’re making or something you’ve wanted for a long time? Much like how they say you should sit with the idea of a tattoo for a year before actually having one done, the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is not one you make in the heat of the moment. Give yourself a few months at least to consider it.

What is motivating you to want surgery?

Did a specific event cause you to reevaluate your appearance? Or has this been something you’ve wanted for yourself for a while. Make sure that your motivation is a healthy one and not in response to a perceived slight from another person. Your decision is one of self-empowerment.

Where are you in your life?

Take a stock of where you are emotionally, mentally, and monetarily. If you’re comfortable with what you have but you just want to be more confident when you look in the mirror, then by all means consider cosmetic surgery. But don’t treat the procedure like a cure all for other things happening in your life.

Why now?

Do you feel like it is finally the time to do this? Ask yourself why that is. Is a birthday coming up? Do you plan on taking off on a beach getaway for the summer? Why would undergoing a procedure improve your life right now? This is all part of taking care of yourself.

Is it really surgery that I need or is there another way to get the results I want?

Definitely consider what it is you’re trying to accomplish. If you present a surgeon with a problem like “I look grumpy all the time,” they may suggest something like a brow wax, firming serums, or lift creams. While these solutions are temporary, they may be all you’re looking for.

Will having this procedure change my life?

Of course the hope is that surgery will positively impact your life by boosting your self-esteem. But that’s as far as that should go. If you’re relying on plastic surgery to help with any kind of emotional issue or to resolve something in your relationships, it’s best to talk to someone about this. You want to make sure you’re pursuing surgery for a fully positive reason.

Am I doing this for me?

The answer to this should be yes. It’s your body and your happiness. One should not have surgery to please another person.

Will it make me more youthful?

That’s up to you! Age is just a number and youth is a state of mind. If you’re already young at heart and want the appearance to match, plastic surgery may help you attain that. There is no cure all to feeling good.

Am I already doing everything I can to take care of my skin?

There are many things you can do on your own to improve your skin. Use sunscreen, sunglasses when it’s bright, and reduce squinting when possible. This won’t reverse every condition but it’ll certainly help.

Can surgery make me look exactly how I want?

This is subjective and your surgeon will discuss with you what is possible. While it’s very difficult to match an image in someone’s mind, your surgeon will work with you to get as close as possible to your desired look.

After you’ve considered the above, it’s time to give some serious thought to pursuing cosmetic surgery. Whether it’s to reclaim your confidence, build your self-esteem, or to correct a flaw left by injury, there is a procedure for everyone. Make a consultation appointment today and see what options are presented to you.

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