Shape the body you want in Boynton Beach, FL

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Shape the body you want in Boynton Beach, FL

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Do you wonder whether your abdomen has too much fat or not enough muscle? What about your legs, buttocks or arms? Maybe you want to get rid of fat AND add muscle?

With Physiq you can remove fat and add muscle nonsurgically during the same treatment and treat FOUR spots at once. This will get your body to the next level. Sessions are very comfortable. Physiq is able to use direct stimulation of muscle to grow and strengthen at the same time it uses laser diodes to melt fat. A series of treatments are done a week apart to get you the optimal result. Maintenance is easy as well and there is no downtime.

The only question is why have you not done this already? Physiq is NewBeauty 2022 award winner for Best New Treatment. Give us 30 minutes for a few weeks and we will give you the body you have been striving for.


The pictures tell it all.

Results after 3 sessions

Results after 5 sessions

Meet Physiq.

PHYSIQ is the only device to utilize STEP technology (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) for the body by incorporating both electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and a super luminescent diode matrix (SDM).

By delivering both EMS and SDM energies from each of its four applicators, PHYSIQ provides the variable stimulation to maximize outcomes in a comfortable, hands-free, no downtime treatment. PHYSIQ was designed so that multiple areas, even small body parts, can be targeted.