Keloid Removal in Boynton Beach, FL


The procedure is surgical excision of the keloid followed by superficial radiation therapy within 72 hours and has a success rate of over 90%.

Keloids can be very frustrating as well as embarrassing for the patient. These tight, thickened scars are often painful, itchy, and visually displeasing. They can form at the site of cutaneous injury and can be a result of common events such as ear piercing. Many times patients get their keloids surgically removed or injected with steroids, only to see them regrow again. The recurrence rate can be up to 80% on average, which doesn’t put the odds in your favor. Radiotherapy remains a safe and effective treatment of choice for keloids when combined with surgical excision.

The cost of the procedure can vary and is based on several factors including the size of the keloid, the location of the keloid, the number of keloids being treated, as well as the number of superficial radiation fractions needed to adequately treat the area. All of these factors will be considered at the time of the initial consult.

You are a candidate for this procedure if you have a keloid (not to be confused with hypertrophic scar), are a surgical candidate, non-pregnant, and have not had previous radiation to the area being treated.

After coming in for a consult and if it is determined that you are a candidate for surgery and superficial radiation therapy, an appointment will be made for your in office keloid excision. The surgical portion of the procedure is performed in order to remove all of the hypoxia collagen bundles that make up the keloid tissue. The surgeon will use specific methods of excision that reduce tension by aligning the incision parallel to the natural skin lines and utilizing suture material that has the least immune reaction.

Immediately following the excision a complex simulation is performed. The area to be treated with radiation is determined and marked, a custom shield is created, and the prescription for the individual is calculated. The patient will begin treatment no less than 24 hours after the excision and the predetermined number of superficial radiation sessions (either 1, 2, or 3) will be completed within 72 hours.

Recovery is generally quick depending on the size and location of the original keloid. Most patients are back to work the following day and are able to perform their daily activities. With success rates over 90%, your results can potentially last a lifetime. Our office will monitor your progress on a frequent basis and are always available for any questions and or concerns that you may have throughout the entire process.